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We build stuff...mostly software.

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Share Game Tape

The quick, easy, & affordable way to share game tape.

If you've hit storage limits, had difficulty downloading video, or just found the other options for sharing clips and video too complex & too expensive — then Share Game Tape is for you!

visit sharegametape.com

Green Tile

Voice based games & skills for the Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

Various games and skills for use with various smart speaker systems.

visit greentile.com

NFL Draft News

The premier spot for NFL draft news.

Feature articles, player news and notes, and player rankings for all the top NFL prospects and college games.

visit nfldraftnews.com

Fuzzy Pop

A super lightweight customer relationship management tool.

Through our chrome extension we make it very simple to log notes & links, and associate them to contacts or categories, as you browse the web.

visit fuzzypop.com

Crypto Game Objects

Game objects that exist on the blockchain.

Things like weapons, potions, armor, etc. The difference is that each object has a blockchain address and is owned by you, outside of a given game. This means you can take your stuff with you from game-to-game!

visit cryptogameobjects.com

Currently in the deadpool, but at one time or another we also built...

APPSiGOT, draftwizard.com, friendstat.us, fubnub.com, gametimeplay.com, gawk.it, greentile.com, halfbite.com, herobrawl.com, instapaperfeed.com, pu.ly, rosterhelp.com, santahelp.me, statsfeed.com, supermug.com, turfd.com, uridata.com, whotoget.com, and wow.ly.

Dig Down Labs LLC was founded by Kevin Marshall (a.k.a Falicon) in 2014 with the primary idea of building small, focused, apps and services. It doesn't have a mission statement, but basically operates with this idea in mind.

Kevin blogs about many of the things that go into these projects around once a week via his drip campaign and has a day job as CTO of Veritonic. You can also check out some of his open source code on GitHub or connect with him on Twitter @falicon or via email at kevin at digdownlabs.com.