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Bodimeca & the Four Bears

Two board games, one box, and an unlimited amount of fun for 2 to 4 players!

Bodimeca and the Four Bears is a comic book battle between four bears to determine who is the fastest bear of them all. It offers two different ways to play, is quick to learn, fast & engaging to play, and we think just the right mix of strategy and luck.

visit bodimeca.com

Crypto Game Objects

The future of gaming NFTs is here!

Crypto Game Objects is an open framework and marketplace for NFTs that helps transform the way game players, designers, and developers experience & exchange in-game items and objects.

visit cryptogameobjects.com


Two card games, one deck, and an unlimited amount of fun for 1 to 4 players!

Each deck of cards includes Fifty Four (54) cards and One (1) instruction booklet -- that's everything needed to play both the FUBNUB and BAD, BAD, TURTLE games!

visit fubnub.com

Green Tile

Voice based games & skills for the Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

Various games and skills for use with various smart speaker systems.

visit greentile.com

Share Game Tape

The quick, easy, & affordable way to offer tape review & share game tape with your entire team.

If you've hit storage limits, had difficulty downloading video, or just found the other options for sharing clips and video too complex & too expensive — then Share Game Tape is for you!

visit sharegametape.com

About Dig Down Labs

Dig Down Labs LLC was founded by Kevin Marshall (a.k.a Falicon) in 2014 with the primary idea of building small, focused, apps and games. It doesn't have a mission statement, but basically operates with the idea that:

Things should be simple to understand, easy to use, joyful to experience, and as affordable as possible.

Kevin has a day job as C.T.O. & Co-founder of Veritonic. You can also check out some of his open source code on GitHub or connect with him on Twitter @falicon or via email at kevin at digdownlabs.com.